Naim Nazha | M.D. United States
August 25th, 2007

Re: ‘Syrian expatriates

It is difficult to mention all the things that the Syrian immigrants can do for Syria . The first simple thing they can do is to be good examples to people in their adoptive countries , I mean to have a good reputation and be proud to declare their Syrian background when asked , our positions and reputation in our new countries reflect on Syria and how the public view it .

Many Syrians are successful and can help either financially or through their expertise .

I do not know what the ministry of expatriate does but I am inclined to say that immigrant Syrians should not count on the Syrian government except to facilitate their goals and intention ,

We as Syrians should unite in an organization with two branches one branch is a political action committee with a goal to advance Syria’s interest in our new countries , donation to this branch is not Tax deductible

A second branch with a goal to improve the lives of the Syrian public ,and do that through charitable tax deductible donations

Improve their education and provide for scholarships to Syrian high achievers to study abroad and bring their expertise back to Syria,

Improve the health care of the Syrians by providing Vaccines to every Syrian child , work on providing technology in the shape of CT Scans , MRI , Pet scans , Radiation therapy centers in every public and community hospital in Syria .even open clinics in remote areas of Syria.

Some of these projects can be achieved with the help of Syrian organizations . The only thing that we should not get involved in is building a place of worship .

Adopt a road here and there to connect Syrian towns and villages.

These projects and others can help Syria move forwards .

Syria has many needs and with that in mind it should be easy to find things we can do as a group or as individuals if some of us are able to do that.

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6 Responses to the Article

Hammam Yousef Says:

I suggest an independent Satellite Channel that welcomes all kinds of Syrian Expats, a project that can be profitable and helpful, and present an impartial point of view to the Syrian people.

what do you think Alex :)

Naim Nazha MD Says:

What Syria needs is a pro Syria satellite TV station , as Independent as FOX news in the US.

Yazan Badran Says:

Dr. Naim, you probably brought up the worst example for what kind of a TV station syria needs. 😉
We have our share already of ideologue, mockery-like TV stations.

Hammam Yousef Says:

Dr. Naim,
Sorry for miss speling your name.

I am serious regarding the Satellite Channel, one that is supported/ financed totally by Expat money and directed at the Syrian people + the rest of the world, a channel that tells the story of the “Syrian People” NOT “the regime.”

I hope I made it clear… so, unless you are pro regime, you shouldn’t find anything wrong with it. 😉

Marc Says:

The Syrian needs a government that is democratic and accountable for its action. The Syrian expatriates can??t help or protect their country if their own government is working against them? We will do our part only after we have a democratic government that we can elect into office and elect out of office when it fails us.

My 2 cents.

naim Says:

When you do for Syria ,You do for Syria and it’s people not the regime, President Bush was elected by only fifty milion people out of three hundred milion and we call that democracy , nobody in the US speaks ill of the United state or will not do everything to advance it’s interest around the world , That what the Syrians should do no matter who is in power, Syria what count not we .

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