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Dr. Patrick Seale | Author “The Struggle for Syria” and “Asad of Syria”

Creative Syria is a wonderful idea that deserves all possible support. I much look forward to its further treasures.

David Ignatius | Associate Editor / The Washington Post

Wonderful site about a country with a rich cultural and political heritage.

Mona Eltahawy | Journalist / Washington Post, IHT, Asharq

You have captured and distilled the beauty of Damascus and the rest of Belad el-Cham, combined it with your love for Syria and produced a wonderful site that I am sure will become essential for everyone who wants to know more about the country.

Scott C. Davis | Publisher, Writer / Cunepress

This is the most visually pleasing website I've seen in a long time. The creators have done an amazing job of presenting ideas about Syrian culture and history using easy to understand images and text. This site is a milestone that will be widely imitated in the years to come.

Dr. Oleg Grabar | Aga Khan Professor Institute of Advanced studies / Princeton University

I look forward to learning from these pictures.

Dr. Imad Moustapha | Syrian Ambassador to the USA

As refined, creative, and cultivated as the true face of Syria is. We need people like you to give us hope in these challenging times. Please continue the good work. My wife Rafif, and I are both very proud of you. Our most sincere congratulations.

Dr. Murhaf Jouejati | Director, Middle East Studies / George Washington University

Your site is an eloquent testimony to Syria 's rich cultural heritage. May Syria 's future be as rich as its past.

Dr. Amy Singer | Author, Professor of History / Tel-Aviv University

A wonderful collection of images, especially useful for research and also as a resource for students. The accompanying detail is an important asset. I look forward to returning to use the collection, and hope you will have the resources to expand it.

Dr. Dawn Chatty | Deputy Director RSC, University of Oxford

As former president of the Syrian Studies Association, I am delighted to find this excellent resource available on Syria and Syrians. It is a timely project that deserves to be widely viewed. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Bassam Frangieh | Professor, Near Eastern Languages & civilizations / Yale Univer.

Very Impressive. A much needed contribution. A fine, beautiful, artistic reproduction and representation for the many rich aspects in the important Syrian culture.