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May 30th, 2007

Re: ‘Syria's Occupied Golan Heights


Alex, a very intelligent, articulate and highly educated cyber-friend, has suggested, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the loss of the Golan Heights to Israel, that we Syrians should try and put our case to you Israelis, on why your Country/Government/People should hand back the Golan Heights to Syria‚?¶

This proposal was taken up by several equally intelligent, articulate and highly educated Syrians from all walks of life.. Some of the letters are posted on the very impressive website Creative Syria, that Alex has masterminded and so professionally executed.

Now, I do not claim any specialist knowledge in international law, politics, economics, history, or sociology.. If you want a glossy, highly polished answer to Alex‚??s question, then read George Ajjan‚??s response.. and for a logical, robustly-argued statement, read Camille‚??s (a.k.a. Alex) own offering.

Some commentators gave historic accounts, while others pointed out potential future benefits.. Some spoke of economics, others of strategic reasons.. I am sure that each offers a perfectly valid reason why Israel should return the Golan Heights to Syria.

Well … I am a simple-minded fellow, with (I believe) a reasonable measure of decency and commonsense.. I do not possess the intelligence, sophistication, or specialist knowledge demonstrated by my compatriots (of whom I am immensely proud, I hasten to add!..) … For me, there is a simple reason why the Golan Heights should be handed back to Syria.. So how about justice, or good old common decency for a reason?

The Golan (or the Jolan, as we prefer to call it!..) is, historically, geographically, demographically and every-other-reason-ically, Syrian.. Israel acquired it in a war that was waged purely for this purpose.. the acquisition of land … You have held on to it for forty years, but it is still ours.. It is, and will always be, Syrian.. The fact that it has been in your hands for forty years does not make it yours … It does not make the occupation and annexation legitimate, nor morally right..

I am not so naive as to believe that Israel would simply return the Jolan just because it is “the right thing to do”.. I am a pragmatist, and a realist.. Nevertheless, I really believe that, from a purely moral point of view, Israel should hand the Jolan back to Syria … and what‚??s more, I also believe that although all the reasons elaborated upon by my fellow-responders are legitimate and sound, these reasons would be worthless if they did not have the moral foundation‚?¶

If Israel is truly serious about its declared intentions for a peaceful settlement, then it must show a degree of respect towards its northernly neighbour … and that starts by returning to Syria what is rightfully hers..

Sincerely yours,

The Syrian Brit

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6 Responses to the Article

Yoran Says:

Dear Sir, I am very impresed from your website, though i can still read between the lines the mistrust that your readers have towards my people (i am an Israeli) i am sure that with the most of them i could have a pragmatic conversation (and after knowing a friendly one) and a just solution to the middle east situation can be made with each one of them, and i am sure that once a solution will be made we will find that there is much more values that we share, than differences that we have. But each of your readers should ask himself, as an educated person, and i presume that most are leaving out of Syria and value their freedom, if he was a Israeli, knowing how the regime in Syria is, when the public is controled by a corupt and violent government which it’s president is being elected by 97.8%, where the parliament members are chearing a person who don’t look very inteligent (bashar), knowing that the one who will not be loud enough, risks his safety, will any of you readers will trust such a regime and give back a stratigic piece of land? try to be true with yourself, and what’s more important stop blaming Israel for all the Arab failures, go burn your dictators, maybe things will get better for you.

DJ Says:

Hi Syrian Brit, thank you so much for the wonderful article. I couldn‚??t put it any better.

I am wondering though; how feasible it is to talk peace in such times when counterparts don‚??t even appreciate the overture?
I mean, this guy asking me to ‚??burn [my] dictator‚?Ě in order to be qualified to talk peace?? who made it anybody‚??s business, besides Syrians, to change or to suggest to change our regime??

I believe in the intrinsic rule: Justice = Peace‚?¶ And justice entails that the stolen land should be returned. If people don‚??t understand the concept of justice, then what they need is ‚??education‚??, not another peace initiative, and certainly not an extended hand‚?¶

Alex Says:

It is not too late if you would like to expand your comment above and submit it to me to be posted. I think you are making a reasonable point (or two).

DJ Says:

Thanks Alex :)
I’ll try to do that within the narrow window of opportunity…

SimoHurtta Says:

Yoran what has the president of Syria and how is elected to do with the core problem. Finland made a peace with Stalin and so have many other countries been able to make peace with 99 % elected dictators. By the way Israel made a peace with a king (who was never elected) and a dictator in Egypt. So Israel is perfectly able to make peace with totalitarian / undemocratic regimes.

No matter who is the president of Syria and despite Syria’s democracy level they will still demand Golan back.

As an Israeli Yoran you are hardly competent to lecture to Arabs about a democratic, human right respecting government. The one race / religion “democracy” in Israel is no example to any nation.

When Israel has more nuclear weapons and other WMD’s than Peoples Republic of China the possibility that Syria militarily attacks Israel is as big as Mexico would try to get the US “occupied” old Mexican territories back by force. Well Israel might use the old “pre-emptive” strategy to attack Syria. As the UN’s Golan chief said in an interview there is more military activity on Israel’s side as in Syria’s.

By the way Yoran why so many educated Israelis have decided to live abroad (= use their second passport) instead of living in one of the most violent societies on the earth.

Rime Says:

Simple, clear, well argued and wonderfully to the point. You were the first I read, and the first with whom I agreed. But you already know that. Thanks for this great message, we need more voices like yours.

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