Naim Nazha | M.D. United States
May 21st, 2007

Re: ‘Syria's Occupied Golan Heights

The Golan has been under Israeli occupation for forty long years, during which mistrust between Israel and Syria has increased, but this trend can be reversed.

During these forty years many wars took place, and Israel won all of them to varying degrees. Yet peace is no closer today for the people of Israel than it was than forty years ago, considering among other things that the water supply is within reach of simple artillery.

Looking at these wars and what they achieved for Israel and Syria, I see no benefit at all but only destruction and death. And for what? Israel can not occupy Syria once and for all, and Syria will always be there to fight back.

We Syrians realize that Israel is here to stay and I personally feel they should stay and live in peace with the other Semitic people to whom they belong. Syria does not intend to destroy Israel and knows that it cannot, but only wants to live in peace together.

If I were an Israeli, I would look around and see that fundamentalists are on the rise, that the population of Syria is growing, and that Syria will never abandon the Golan Heights. Prime Minster Olmert seems to understand that the Golan Heights is the price for peace and there is no other way around that. So again if I were an Israeli, I would look at what I want from occupying the Golan.

1) peace with Syria, which is achievable and was very close during Barak’s tenure as Prime Minister.

2) access to drinking water, which has been Israel’s undeclared intention during the time its declared intention during this time was to seek peace with Syria. Syria will never use water as a weapon. It could have poisoned the water which will make it useless, but it did not. In fact, Syria never bombed an Israeli city during the wars between the two countries. Furthermore, with a comprehensive peace, Turkey could increase water supply to the Euphrates, which could captured by the Assad Dam then brought to the Sea of Galilee via a canal, which would help Israel.

3) skiing at the slopes of Mount Hermon, which could continue, as could other tourism in the Golan Heights. Given a comprehensive peace, I do not see anything wrong with an Israeli company having investments in Syria as it will also be the case for Syrian investments in Israel.

4) The wine of the Golan, which seems to be popular among Israelis. As I mentioned above, Israeli investments will be welcomed.

Looking at the options available to Israel, I see peace on the one hand, which offers all the things Israel wants and needs, or war after war on the other hand, with more death and a possibility of losing one war and losing everything.

I do not know about you, but I want Israel to survive and having peace with Syria looks like an easy choice as well as a logical one. The extra benefit from peace with Syria is probably peace with Lebanon, which proved during last summer’s war that bombardments from its territory can reach much of Israel and force people to flee their homes. It is time for peace, isn’t it?

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6 Responses to the Article

Amir Says:

Like all the rest of the papers written here, if we all agree that we all want peace, why do the Syrians insist of receiving back a small piece of territory that no longer has anything more than Israeli villages and beatiful landscape. What makes Israeli people afraid from Syrian intention is the fact that the Golan heights is an extremely valuable strategic territory. Syrian’s insistance on controling that territory, which would make Israel vulnarable, is what makes Israelis hold back.

naim Says:

Amir , by the way my brother’s name is Amer ,
Two reason for Israel to give the Golan back
1_ to show the Syrians that it wants to live in peace as a good neighbor and has no expansion intention ,
2_ to deny the extremist a chance to make the agreement not valid because it did not satisfy the minimum Syria demands of the return of the Golan , all other factors including the water and the staying of the settlers who seem not to be idiology motivated can be solved .
3_ the third big reason is that the alternative is continued war until Israel loses once, That will be the end. I don’t want that.

lirun Says:

naim – i must agree with you.. i think there are ways to make this work and satisfy everyone..

i dont believe we need to stay in a state of war..

naim Says:

Lirun , I am glad you agree with me and if you knew who are my best friends are in the US you know why i want peace between Syria and Israel , They are lining up to go with me for a visit to Syria then going together by car to Israel .

gmwsjcjoop Says:

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lirun Says:

i would love to visit syria.. a road trip to turkey is a dream..

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