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May 21st, 2007

Re: ‘Syria's Occupied Golan Heights

Now, 40 years after a successful war, but also after 40 years of occupation and numerous conflicts, your country is at a crossroads. Either you can continue the policy of the last decades, or begin a real serious process to build a lasting peace with the Palestinians and your other neighbours. Despite of the speeches of Israeli politicians, Israel has not been the active partner in building trust and peace. The fact is that all attempts for peace have been started by outside pressure and Israel has been the party who has been dragging her feet.

Jews have a reputation of being good with numbers. It is impossible in the modern world for a nation with 5 million first class citizens and two million second class citizens to dominate an entire region for a long period of time. Can Israel seriously believe that a few million Jews could dominate militarily hundreds of millions of Muslims and Christians for the next forty years? It is as unrealistic as Denmark being the dominant power of Europe for 100 years.

Many Israelis still seem to think that they can compensate the numbers with a superior military might and an exclusive right to nuclear weapons. The teachings of recent wars in Lebanon and Iraq, however, should make Israelis less considerably self-confident. High tech armies seem to be far less superior than some politicians and the weapon industry want us to believe. Israel can certainly still continue its policy based on USA guarantied military superiority for some years, but eventually that present policy is doomed. The next major war will be very costly to Israel and would severely hurt the normal citizen’s sense of security. This could lead to a massive exodus when the people would put their second passport in use and move to more secure and peaceful surroundings.

Israel is having serious public relations difficulties and the situation is getting worse. She is already seen by most of the world as an apartheid country and the Holocaust card is almost expired. The amount of people who still see Israel as a little, weak and courageous nation is shrinking fast. On the other hand, the number of people who see Israel as a little, overaggressive and expansive apartheid nation is growing. Mentioning suicide bombers, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust can no longer shift the focus from the Palestinian suffering. More and more people have begun to realize that bad treatment creates terrorism and extremism.

Israelis are very self-satisfied with their economy and have a tendency of undermining the other side’s achievements. But the reality is now changing rapidly. After the oil crises in the 70’s, Arab countries used their colossal incomes to invest in the west and in a rather needless arms race. But nowadays, when oil and gas are becoming more competitive and rarer by the day, Arab countries have realized it is better to invest in their own region than recycle the petrodollars back to western assets. These fast emerging and lucrative markets certainly force western economies to readjust their policies by the sheer gravity of numbers. Big markets with high purchasing power are more important that a tiny nation. If the Arab nations force the West, to choose the outcome is evident. In business it is the numbers that matter.

That is also true in other sectors, and Israelis should understand that. The fact is that Israel in the long run needs peace with neighbours more than Arab countries do. Israel is not essential for the region’s future economic development and she has very little to offer to the region what can’t be bought elsewhere.

It is time for you to choose the right path to a better future.

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6 Responses to the Article

Itamar Says:

The writer of this article claims that Israel holds sole responsibility for the current situation with Syria and the Middle East conflict, and that if only Israel chooses to end the woes of the region everything will be nice and dandy.

I am amazed at the shallow, primitive and racist opinions expressed here. For example:

“Despite of the speeches of Israeli politicians, Israel has not been the active partner in building trust and peace”?
Not true. Israel has made repeated attempts, withdrew from territories and signed treaties. It all blew up in our face (literally speaking).

The common claim of Palestinians that they have a right to keep terrorizing us until the entire conflict is resolved is absurd. It is more sensible to show the other side that the partial concessions that were made are driving the process in a positive direction. If the denizens of Gaza would have opted for building, agriculture and development of the vacated regions Israel would have gone forward with clearing out of the west bank as well. As it is, the vacated territories hold military training camps and missile launch sites. We’d rather not give back territories that are used to attack us. This is a basic right of anyone who wishes to survive.

“Jews have a reputation of being good with numbers”?
And Muslims have a reputation of being a disruptive, primitive backwards people. And here I was thinking that the age of classifying people as a whole was past.

“Can Israel seriously believe that a few million Jews could dominate militarily hundreds of millions of Muslims?”?
No. Who says this is what we believe? This is the first time I’ve heard such an absurd notion. Personally, I was hoping to integrate in the billion-Arab economic space, as it would increase my standard of living.

“Israelis are very self-satisfied with their economy and have a tendency of undermining the other side??s achievements”?
No. But it is true that economically the Arab world comes in a poor second after Africa; this despite of whopping sums of oil money that have been pouring into the Arab coffers. Arab nations boast extra low rates of literacy, oppression of women and lack of freedom. These are statistical facts. I agree that Israeli’s use these fact to emphasize the difficulties we’re having in negotiating and working with our neighbors ?? namely, they have a self centered irresponsible view that stems from low education, lack of freedom & government brainwashing that are also evident in their willingness to live in countries that repeatedly trample their civil rights ?? it all comes together in the end.

Let’s be clear ?? an overwhelming majority of Israelis are willing to withdraw from the west bank, Gaza and the Golan if Arabs would recognize Israel’s right to exist. Arabs repeatedly refuse to do this via the use of the right of return. The right of return is impossible for us to accept. It is naïve and counterproductive to claim that annihilating Israel as a Jewish state through demographics is a “Just” solution. When the day comes in which Arabs agree to Israel as a Jewish independent democratic nation, and repopulate the refugees instead of keeping them in camps (as has been the case in the last 60 years) 90% of this conflict would be resolved. Until that day, Israelis will never believe that Arabs agree to Israel’s existence.

Israel does not have sole power over the situation, cannot by a wave of a magic wand solve this problem and is not strong enough to impose a solution; hence, a stalemate.

Do you really believe that Syria has no responsibility to the conflict?! Syrians were just sitting peacefully in the sun and all of a sudden the big bad Israeli war machine attacked. Is that it?

When the day comes that the Arab world takes responsibility for its part in the current situation we will be able to switch from a dynamic where Israel should solve the problem on its own (which it can’t) to a dynamic where both sides review the problem and work together. Every single article in this site takes a very naïve and one sided view of the conflict.

On the day I see an Arab leader that says “We made mistakes, you made mistakes, we accept you in the Middle East ?? give us back the Golan and let us live together” is the day peace will come.

lirun Says:

i dont think blaming eachother will solve anything..

SimoHurtta Says:

Itmar I watch the Middle East as an “outsider”. I am not a Jew nor an Arab. I am Christian Finn without no ethnic ties to Middle East.

As a young boy I thought that Israel is a “honourable” weak courageous little nation fighting for its existence. I then used to admire the Israeli achievements in wars. Later as an adult and when my knowledge of modern days history grew, my opinion changed. Like many other Europeans. Very few Europeans see Israel any more as the innocent “victim”.

There are some facts which do not change my opinion of Israel as an aggressor. In 1956 war Israel attacked the Arab nation without a reason. 1967 war was a so called pre-emptive attack as Israel claims (world history is full of “pre-emptive” attacks). The treatment of Palestinians and land theft has achieved an intolerable level, which is not suitable to any civilized nation.

It is pure hypocrisy to claim that Israel has been active in building peace. If that would true there would be no settlements (new “facts on the ground”), no walls and no need for outsiders in negotiating a peace. Israel would have made the first moves in negotiations, but can you Itmar remember any such first moves?

Israel only achievement in peace with Palestinians has been withdrawal from Gaza. But that was a pure economical / military decision and Israel made de facto Gaza as the biggest concentration camp in worlds history.

If Israel can’t make a peace with Palestinians and offer them a fair solution there will be no peace. The Arab leaders have shown their demands. 1967 borders for the two state solution. The ball has been a long time on Israel’s playground. Israel must finally decide can it make a peace with the 1967 borders.

The world’s opinion is clear. 1967 borders and fair compensation for Palestinians’ lost property (like Jews got from Europe).

lirun Says:

like we got from europe? hahaha

are you serious?

europe is so hypocritical.. KPMG forensics discovered 26 kilometers of documentation that the swiss banks were keeping hush!! 26 kms..

the european side of my family – once wealthy austrians were stripped to the core of the dignity and nothing was ever given back..

europeans have a long history of devestating entire world regions and ensuring that they sit squarely under the thumb..

what compensation has north africa received.. or south east asia and why did european pharmaceuticals attacks south africa in putrid litigation for its attempt to compulsory license anti HIV medication..

the list is endless.. and the moral high horse is so tall that europeans cant even see whats going on the ground “beneath” them..

the world lacks an opinion.. all it has is an urge.. for an opinion – you need a good understanding and the world has no interest in understanding..

that’s why we are left to fight our own ugly battles.. and this is why our ethics are twisted and tested day in and day out..

for peace to prevail.. both people need to seek it.. its not about handing around lolly pops.. and there is no playground..

your analysis is to shallow for meaningful comment – this is my point.. i wouldnt be touting these ideas.. they’re legless..

sorry.. dont mean to sound aggressive but im tired of hollow opinions.. they hurt me and they hurt my suffering palestinian neighbours.. because all they do is desensitise those who canmake a difference and bore those who cant..

Alex Says:


I think there is a difference between “Europe” and northern Europe. If we do not respect those few countries in that part of the world that got the closest to being genuinely “good” nations, then who do we look up to and aspire to imitate? There is my Canada of course, but Finland, and Sweden are not bad either, no?

I respect SimuHurtta’s opinion, and I am looking forward to read more details about your counter opinion.

This is a platform that is open to you to help people from the other side (mostly Syrians) to understand. If you wrote something on your blog and want us to read it, then please link to it.

lirun Says:


i have been accused of blog pimping before.. so these days i lay low and whoever wants to click on my nick and find what i write can do so freely..

sweden rejected us by the scores while we were escaping central europe and canada.. well given my dad and brothers live there now and i spent some years there as a kid – i have mixed views..

i dont believe in good and bad nations.. i dont see the world like that and certainly have no view that one nation is superior to another in total.. even though i am prepared to concede that different peoples have different cultural tendencies..

additionally – i would like to add that i very much appreciate this platform.. people here sound patient and open minded..

i hope my tantrums dont give the wrong impression hehe

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