About Us

The Syria Page is CreativeSyria’s third blog dedicated to a discussion on Syria’s current affairs. Our first blog,  “The Syrian Think Tank” was launched in 2005. It featured monthly debates among  a fixed group of contributors that included top Syrian diplomats, prominent Syria analysts, in addition to government critics and opponents. In 2007 we launched the “Creative Forum” that was open to more contributors, including many of Syria’s top bloggers.

The Syria Page is our first blog that will allow individual authors to write about any topic of their choice, without the restriction of a prespecified group discussion topic. These original posts will appear in the center column of this page. On top of the left column, readers will find links to our recommended daily news and opinion items from various media sources A search function is also available at the center of the left column. One can search by keyword our original posts or recommended news and opinion pieces.

About the editor and main author:

Camille Alexandre Otrakji is a user-interface design specialist for software and online content. He published his original research findings in a number of peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is also the founder of a number of sites specialized in Syrian and Middle Eastern affairs. Creativesyria.com (2005) is Syria’s premiere culture, hirtory, arts, and current affairs site. Mideastimage.com (2005) is an online showcase of a private family collection of original historic photos from the Levant, Mesopotamia Turkey and Egypt. OneMideast.org (2009) is an academic research project and a site dedicated to the development of a comprehensive and structured discussion of the obstacles that prevented a peaceful resolution to the Syrian Israeli area of the Arab Israeli conflict and a list of counterarguments to each of those objections to peace. The site got top billing from change.og among their best “lessons activists worldwide can learn from” Islamcomment.com (2010) is devoted to bringing into dialogue voices from throughout the Muslim world and the western world. This site is a meeting place for experts and laypersons from various sects, traditions, and cultural backgrounds. The focus is contemporary Islam – social, political, and doctrinal issues. Camille is also the designer, admin and an author at Joshua Landis’ Syriacomment.com, Syria’s top English language political blog.

Media appearances and quotes: The New York Times, Russia TodayFrance24 TV (Arabic), BBC News, BBC Radio, Los Angeles TimesLa Presse (Canada), SR DRS (Swiss Radio), Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Christian Science Monitor, Bloggingheads.tv, GlobalPost, USA Today, ABC News, Bloomberg, Qifa Nabki (Lebanese blog), China’s Southern Newspaper, MichelCollon.info (French), and many more.