Helder Alvarez Fernandes | Manager
2015-01-13 14:31:17 Brazil
Wonderfull site awesome images congratulations to the developer!

Peter Aaron | Professional
2014-08-09 11:41:42 United States
Syria:Then & Now
Aug 16 - Sept 7 2014

In 2009, internationally acclaimed architectural photographer Peter Aaron visited Syria and during the course of several weeks recorded much of the country’s incomparable architectural and archaeological heritage. From Hellenistic and Roman ruins to Ottoman caravansarais, from medieval souks to Crusader castles, from early Christian pilgrimage sites to great Abbasid and Ummayad mosques, Aaron photographed a rich and remarkable array of sites, all still in use by local populations. Just months after his return to the U.S., the Syrian Civil War broke out. Since then, many of these magnificent structures, hundreds and even thousands of years old, have been severely damaged or destroyed.

From August 16-September 2, fifty of Aaron’s most unforgettable Syrian images will be displayed at Art Space, 71 Palatine Road, Germantown New York. (Germantown is between Hudson and Rhinebeck.) Opening hours are Saturdays 11-5, Sundays 11-3. Opening reception Saturday, August 16 from 5-7.

Fares M. Attar | ho. general consul of syria in canda
2014-06-15 11:20:59 Syria
This site is wonderfull , I hope to see more pictures about Syria & Lebanon

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2014-02-26 10:28:01 Netherlands
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