Ayman Abdel Nour is the editor-in-chief of the “All4Syria” online bulletin, the most widely-read electronic media news and opinion source in Syria, with over 15,000 daily subscribers. It is considered by many to be the most important non-traditional news source in the country.

“All4Syria” is the only media where both senior government officials and opposition leaders write articles side-by-side without censorship, edits or intervention. The bulletin has earned its credibility exposing problems and corruption in the country and naming the people allegedly causing it. Doing so has had an impact on Syrian legislation and appointments, and has pushed the Syrian government and the Baath party to change its policies.

Mr. Abdel Nour is trained as an engineer and economist. He served four years as a member of the council of the governorate of Damascus and currently serves as a member of most economic and media development committees and bodies. Mr. Abdel Nour is seen by opinion leaders throughout the Middle East as a consistent and tireless advocate of reform of the Baath party and Syria in general.

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