1987-1991:license in journalism, Damascus University. September 1996: Reporting Course in International Institute for Journalists, Washington November 1996 Observe the American elections for the presidency March 2000: Invited to the British Foreign Office. London. UK March-April 2000 :Reporting course for senior journalists.Cardiff, Wales April 2000: Workshop in the World Bank in Washington on MENA.

1991: Journalist in Al- Hayat office Damascus 1993: Bureau chief Al-Hayat Daily & Al–Wasat weekly in Damascus 2002- Bureau chief AL-hayat&LBC TV 2001-2002: Commentary once a week in the Daily Star.

Interviews with international and Arabic Networks: CNN, BBC. Writing some articles to The Daily Telegraph & Daily Star.

July 1996: The Arab summit in Cairo
February 1996: Adviser to Dutch bank on Syria (short time)
November1996: American elections
1999: Iranian elections
January 2000: Peace talks between the prime minister of Israel Ehud Barak and Minster of foreign affairs of Syria in Shepherdstown (West Virginia)
January 2000: presentation on peace talks at George Town University (Washington)
March 2000: Assad – Clinton summit in Geneva
April 2000: the protests in Washington against the world bank & the IMF.
November 2002: Visit to North of Iraq, Interviewing the leaders of PUK and KDP For the LBC TV
November 2002: Visit to Iraq to interview Mohammad Baker al-hakim the lale leader of HCIR.
February 2001: Invited to Stockholm by the Ministry of foreign affairs of Sweden.
October 2001: Visit to Brussels by invitation of the EU
March 2002:Invited to Japan by the Japanese Government.
December 23, 2002-May 25th, 2003 : Arrested in Syria.
May 2005: trip to the USA, to attend discussions on Syria.
July 2005: Chatham house conference on Syria.
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